Sahaj International School,Indirapuram

Principal's Desk

It is my privilege to welcome you to Sahaj International School, Indirapuram. We endeavour to create a learning environment in which all children will feel enabled and encouraged to become successful learners. A caring and challenging school culture will ensure that students grow into responsible and courageous members of our society. At the heart of our effort is the attempt to give the right values to our children.
We promote these through all aspects of school life.Each student is encouraged to accept responsibility for self discipline, to develop self respect and compassion, to contribute to the community and through their school life-develop a love of learning whilst continually striving for excellence. We strive to help our children break free from the societal divisions and biases based on caste, gender, religion or sexuality.
We take pride in our dedicated faculty and all our members of staff are committed to creating a learning environment which maximizes the quality of education.

We also recognize the vital role that parents play in contributing to children's success and happiness at school. We therefore seek to build strong and supportive partnerships with our parent community and look forward to their close involvement with the school and its programs.

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with our parents and working closely together towards building a strong and vibrant school community.